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Treat each day like a Typical School/Work Day

 Audrey shares during her Skype Lesson her coloring contest entry.  I especially love the Unicorn Hair Band.  I hope everyone is doing well, and not recreating "Lord of the Flies" in your homeschooling routines.  (Little educator humor) Things are falling into place (sort of)  here at the Virtual Keys & Strings Music Studio.   We have made several adjustments to our schedules, and I now offer some new suggestions to make things easier for you and your educators.  As a parent also, my first suggestion is to treat each day as you did prior to our new work/school arrangements.  Pick an outfit for the day.  Have meals and snacks set as they would be planned on a weekday.    Have pencils and books ready.  Don't forget recess! Set a timer or reminder with your phone, Alexa, Google, Siri, etc to go off 10 minutes before your music lesson.    Just as you would drive to your lesson to arrive promptly, do your best to knock virtually at your educators music
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Virtual Lessons Made Easier

Well, I think we have all gotten through week 1 of our quarantine for the most part unscathed.    Overall, myself and my co-educators feel things went well.    For our youngest musicians, we are planning on going to smaller multiple lessons throughout the week.  Contact your educator directly for more information on this idea.  I.E., I am meeting with a young violin student 10 minutes early morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.     Since the younger generations are so comfortable with a screen in front of them, I feel they have made the adjustment much easier than their elders.   Suggestions:   Find a way to prop the phone/ipad/tablet to the side of your keyboard or above your student as if the teacher were standing behind them.   String and Woodwind/Brass players, place the phone/pad/tablet ON your stand with your music.  Have a pencil nearby. Parents, try to leave the area if at all possible.  Just as they have time with us in their real time les

Maintaining Normalcy with Music in these Stressful Times

We are in our 5th day of offering online lessons.  So far so good, with the main issue being connectivity.  Even the youngest students have been doing well.  As one high school student put it, it's just like a normal lesson, just not in the same room.   I’m sure you’re  all feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s currently going on around us. With kids now home from school I know that your life has drastically changed. As someone who has been a part of your family's life each week, I wanted to reach out. In a time when your children’s schedules and routines have been turned upside down, there is one thing that can remain: music! Music has always given people hope, and people have always turned to music in difficult times. With all of the changes that have happened so rapidly in our lives, the piano/violin/guitar/woodwind/ brass instrument can be very helpful in maintaining a sense of normalcy in the weeks and months ahead. During these times of social distancin

A GREAT Summer Intensive to keep your child busy this August

Keys and Strings Music studio Give Piano the One Two Punch Summer Intensive Great way to jump start your child's Piano Adventure.  Using Faber Piano Adventures Primer, we will get through the ENTIRE level in 3 weeks.  Fun, interactive piano study.  Your musician will comprehend note values, dynamics and note reading, musicianship and ensemble work.  Limited to 10 musicians per week.  Minimum age is starting Kindergarten in September.  Program is $150 a single week, $250 for two weeks or $385 for three weeks. Includes music (3 book set)  and snack. Musicians should bring their lunch each day.  Music Share Event the last hour on Friday each week.  Registration and Deposit of $75 per week chosen required by March First.  Balance due the first day of intensive.  Aftercare available with a certified daycare provider past intensive time with games and crafts for an additional fee. Inquire with Director if this is something you are interested in via email   keysandstringsmusics

A Birthday Celebration

The Birthday Boy wanted a construction/transportation party We made den den drums Had a great 'photo booth' Gift area Fun snacks! decorating Steel Drum explore Drum circle Great job on the cake MOM! The finale before snacks was us playing mystery song.  Standing musicians are holding up letters (notes) when they were told to jump up, the friend sitting on the floor with the coordinating letter on their resonator bar played their pitch Birthday boy realizing we were playing "Happy Birthday" We can help you celebrate your musicians special day too!

We are very humbled by the honor Readers Choice Awards 2019

It was an exciting night of celebration.  So many businesses were honored.  We were in the Top Three.  Our first year nominated.  It was an exciting time. 

Why Recital? Just to play a song? That song is not the priority.......

Several comments I have heard recently: What's the point? They aren't playing real music yet (first year student who isn't playing full concertos) We are too busy...……. We have things to do...………. We already pay for lessons we have to purchase recital tickets ($10 each) too? I don't want to sit through all those boring songs...…… Just to hear my child play a 60 second song (could be up to 3.5 minutes) Absolutely not.    The song is the lowest priority in our educators minds. Recital is about celebration.     Celebrating your families dedication to learning a new skill.  The determination that you all have had to providing your musician with the ability to read and comprehend language (music notation).  To master math skills (rhythms, divided beats) To master expression (dynamics, volume control, DRAMA within their song) To overcome fears (what if I make a mistake) Recital is about time management.  Not only did your musician find the ti